Applications Of The Technology Used In Aerospace – Know The Basics

If you’re wondering what aerospace is, it’s actually a broad term for the collective effort by the business, engineering and science to fly navigate the Earth’s atmosphere (aeronautics) and (astronautics) outer space. If you’re working in the aerospace sector, you already know that technology used in aerospace is a combination of engineering technology and electronics to make new devices. Below you will find some award-winning devices that use technology used in aerospace.

Kaman K-Max Chopper

Kaman K-Max choppers are pilotless helicopters that have their use in the military. It was developed after countless US soldiers were killed in Afghanistan in a convoy moving tons of cargo. With the Kaman K-Max, nobody ever has to be involved in delivering supplies. The only human intervention is a soldier with a laptop and a controller (which looks like an X-box) to start it.

Once the start button is pressed, the chopper’s autonomous flight controls are in control, using different sensors to fly over a pre-programmed GPS routes. The Kaman K-Max travels at top speeds of 100 knots and can carry 6,000 pounds worth of cargo over 250 miles.

Red Bull Stratos Pressure Suit

This special pressure suit was designed after Felix Baumgartner challenged the David Clark Company to design a suit that could be used to dive at high altitudes. The company makes pressure suits worn by the Air Force’s U-2 pilots. The Red Bull Stratos Pressure Suit has the most advanced pressure system, a heating system, an aerodynamic profile and face mask made with heated wires to prevent its wearer from freezing in 70 degrees Fahrenheit of air.
Baumgartner jumped off an altitude of 128,100 feet from a helium balloon at a speed of 833.9 miles per hour.

Boeing PhantomEye

The Boeing PhantomEye is the first aircraft to be powered by hydrogen. The aircraft’s engineers changed its two Ford combustion engines so that they burn liquid nitrogen. With this new technology, we’re one step closer to using hydrogen on commercial flights. The Boeing PhantomEye can last up to four days (three times longer than its closest competitor) at 65,000 feet above ground with 1,900 pounds of liquid nitrogen.

NASA’s Twin GRAIL Satellites

Two of NASA’s satellite probes %u2013 the Ebb and Flow – were joined together to orbit the moon to create a detailed map of its geological formations to map the moon’s gravitational field by measuring the distance between the two satellites.

The three items mentioned above are really just three of the major advances used in technology used in aerospace. As you can see, aerospace technology also has its applications in the military and extreme sports aside from the airline and space industries. There are many, many more which just haven’t been reported on the news. As years go by, the technology will only get better.

The limits on what can be made with aerospace technology are only limited by the imagination of the engineers and the scientists.


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