Will The Future Of Cloud Computing Be Consumer Driven?

There are practically no IT and technology related websites and magazines that are not filled with the latest news about cloud computing. It has even become a term that is more frequently used by the average consumer who is slowly gaining exposure to this vastly developing technology. While the initial phase of its development and implementation has been driven mainly by the needs and requirements of businesses, this is slowly changing. The future of cloud computing could very well be shaped more and more by consumer needs.

In its most basic form, cloud computing has probably been used by many businesses and individuals for many years. Online storage for photos, videos and data files have been available for quite some time. Essentially the user is given access to storage space and a user interface that allows them to upload files into a cloud system. This system can then be accessed from anywhere in the world that where there is an Internet connection. You could upload all your vacation photos to a cloud service and then whenever you visit family or friends pull those same photos up on another computer or mobile device. The advantage is simple; you no longer need to carry around all your files in order to use them.

But this is only one very simple form of cloud computing. Business solutions for even the largest enterprises are now in place that hugely simplify the IT infrastructure of a company. Businesses needs have been the major driving force behind the innovation and have paved a certain amount of the future of cloud computing. This was very similar with the early adaptation to computers and cell phones. Due to their cost most consumers were not really able to dive onto their use. Once technology advanced enough and became cheaper, more and more solutions were introduced with the consumer in mind.


Source: bodhost

This is very likely to be the case with cloud computing as well. Even the dominant cloud service providers that have mainly focus on business enterprise solutions are introducing new services with the average home user in mind. Everything from data storage to consumer software solutions are becoming available and in many cases free of charge. All types of industries are seeing the potential for a whole new way to interact with customers and provide them with new and better services. Once people become more aware of the advantages being brought to them, which in most cases come at no cost to them.

While large corporations will still be influencing the future of cloud computing development, it is far more likely to be the consumer that will be in the driving seat for innovative new solutions. Once the infrastructure is in place, similar to the early Internet, there will be ever increasing uses and opportunities for new ways to serve customers. In the early 90s no one would have dreamt that 20 years later people will be watching TV shows on a handheld mobile device while on a commuter train to work.


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